Students at ASTM F24 Winter 2020
Smiling on the 41st Floor
F24 Student Attendees Only Workshop
F24 Welcome Meeting
Universal Creative Sign
TPED on the Mississippi River
TPED at St. Louis Cathedral
Walking at Pat O'Brien's
Walking the Streets of New Orleans
TPED at ASTM F24 Winter 2020
TPED on the Coney Island Beach
Group Shot at The Cyclone
Walking The Cyclone
Cyclone Chain Lift
Hand Operated Break
Cyclone Ramp
Hanging Out at The Cyclone
Now That's A Big Wheel
Underneath The Cyclone
Learning About The Cyclone
Learning About Soarin' Eagle
Steeplechase Ride Vehicles
Walking under Steeplechase
Walking to Steeplechase
Under Thunderbolt Loading Station
Thunderbolt Ride Vehicle
Zamperla Label
Learning About Thunderbolt
Thunderbolt Loop
Walking Thunderbolt
Group Shot at Coney Island's Thunderbolt
Excited to be near Thunderbolt
Zamperla's Nebulaz
Coney Island Construction
RITDC19 Group Shot
Alumni Meetup at IAAPA 2019
Hagrid's Ride Vehicle at Intamin Booth
Animatronic Dinosaur at IAAPA 2019
Alumni Meetup at Orlando
Enjoying butterbeer
Fun at The Mystery Machine
Working on RITDC19 Challenges
Skull Island
Voodoo Doughnuts
Transformers Queue
Drexel Dragons at Diagon Alley
RITDC19 Park Time
RITDC19 Park Tour
Drawing in the Rain
Philadelphia Ghost Tour Fall 2019
Philadelphia Ghost Tour Fall 2019
Philadelphia Ghost Tour Fall 2019
Operations Tour of Runaway Tram
Operations Tour of Morey's
Maintenance Tour of Morey's
Riot Games Visit 8/19
Walt Disney Imagineering Visit 8/19
Faculty Presenting on VR Bike
Guest Enjoying VR Bike 2.0
Crowd at our SIGGRAPH Booth
Project VROOM at SIGGRAPH 2019 Booth
Project VROOM at SIGGRAPH 2019
Franklin Square Mini-Golf Summer 2019
Franklin Square Mini-Golf Summer 2019
Six Flags Spring Trip 2019
ASTM F24 February 2019
Drexel TPED at Morey's Piers 2019
Morey's Tour Winter 2019 It Sign
Morey's Tour Winter 2019 Painting
Morey's Tour Winter 2019 Newly Painted
Morey's Tour Winter 2019 Construction
Morey's Tour Winter 2019 Workshop
Morey's Tour Winter 2019 Hanging Chairs
Morey's Tour Winter 2019 Cars
Morey's Tour Winter 2019
Morey's Tour Winter 2019 Coaster Track
Morey's Tour Winter 2019 Boardwalk
Drexel TPED on IAAPA 100 Sign
IAAPA Fall 2018
RITDC 2018 Group Photo
RITDC 2018 Team Trophy Picture
Drexel TPED's RITDC 2018 Trophy
Rethemed Ride Challenge Winner
RITDC 2018 Team Working on Challenge
RITDC 2018 Presentations
RITDC 2018 Presentations
RITDC 2018 Presentations
RITDC 2018 Opening Welcome
RITDC 2018 Universal Tour
GCI 2018
Franklin Square 2018
TPED 2018 Playing Golf
Putting The Green
Engineers Always Think Outside the Box
We love our Hershey's!
Hershey Spring Trip 2018
Escape The Room Philly 2018
IAAPA 2017
Morey's Piers 2017
We love our wooden rollercoasters!
Getting a Tour of Morey's Piers
Teacups at Morey's Piers
Having Fun on the Doo Wopper
We love our rollercoasters!
Hershey Tour 2017
Hershey Park Behind-The-Scenes Tour
Hershey Tour 2017
ASTM 2017 in New Orleans
Escape The Room Philly 2016
Six Flags: Great Adventure 2016
Universal Florida 2016
RITDC Competition 2016
Tour at Zamperla 2016
Mini Golf at Franklin Square 2015
Liberty Bell at Franklin Square
Having fun at Franklin Square!
Mini Golf 2015
TEA NextGen at ASTM F24 2015
Walt Disney Imaginations 2015
Walt Disney Imaginations 2015
Tour of Oceaneering 2015
IAAPA 2015
Great Coasters International
Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters
TPED at Morey's Piers 2014
Roller Coaster Train Up-Close
Tour of Morey's Piers 2014
Tour of Morey's Piers 2014
Tour of Morey's Piers 2014
Behind the Scenes at Morey's Piers
Bathroom Break
Enjoying our Tour!
Touring the Ghost Ship!
Ghost Ship at Morey's Piers
TPED at Hollywood Studios 2014
TPED with Baby Simba
TPED at Animal Kingdom 2014
Splash Mountain!
TPED at Disney Castle 2014
We love animatronics!
Tour of Diagon Alley at IAAPA 2014
Tour of Diagon Alley at IAAPA 2014
Having Fun at IAAPA 2014
Seeing New Rides at IAAPA 2014
IAAPA 2014
ASTM 2014
We won!
Animatronic Troll
Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland
Riding a Carousel in Canada!
Visiting Canada's Wonderland 2014
Terror Behind the Walls 2013
Great Coasters International 2012
TPED Hershey Trip 2012
Always Know Where Guest Services Is
TPED Hershey Trip 2012
In the Cart with Rich Knoebel!
On the Tracks!
The Black Diamond
Flying Turns Under Construction
Tour with Rich Knoebel 2012
MIB 2012
TPED at Universal 2012
TPED at IAAPA 2012
Terror Behind the Walls 2011

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