When are Meetings?

We currently meet every Thursday from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM EST during Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Term, Weeks 1-10. When in person, we meet in the ExCITe Center. During remote learning, we meet on Zoom, link shared in our Discord.

Where in the world is the ExCITe Center?

The ExCITe Center is located inside the Science Center building at the corner of 34th and Market, across the street from WaWa. Enter the double doors facing Market Street and show your Drexel ID to the security guard. Next, go through the door at the top of the short staircase directly ahead. We will be in the room with glass doors, called Market, which you'll see immediately as you turn the corner.


The ExCITe Center at Drexel University

3401 Market Street, Suite 100 Philadelphia, PA 19104



What Do We Do At Meetings?

Every week we educate ourselves on a different topic related to the themed entertainment industry. We also discuss current industry news. This is done though student-led presentations, guest speakers, trivia games, trips, activities like building things with K'NEX, friendly design competitions where we have to come up with a concept for something like a themed hotel, and more! In addition to learning and fun, we socialize and eat free food!

Can I Present at a Drexel TPED Meeting?

Of course! The only criteria is that your presentation must be related to the themed entertainment industry.

Typically, the Drexel TPED Officers are the ones who present at our general body meetings, but anyone is welcome to present on a topic that they are passionate about! In fact, we highly encourage Drexel TPED members to present! It's always nice to hear from new people, as they often provide new perspectives on this exciting industry.


If you are interested in presenting on a topic, please email us at drexeltped@gmail.com or talk to us at the general body meetings! As long as we approve your topic, we will schedule a time for you to present. We like to give a presenter at least two weeks for preparation. Depending on the club's current presentation schedule, the presenter may be scheduled for the following term instead of the current term.

How Do I Officially Join Drexel TPED?

If you haven't already, please register with Drexel TPED through Dragonlink. It helps us show the university that we are active and that they should be funding more of our club's activities!



Do I Have to be a Specific Major to Join TPED?

No! As long as you are an undergraduate at Drexel University, you are welcome to join! In the past, we've had Engineering majors of all specialties, Game Design, Computer Science, Marketing, and more! The more variety in majors we have, the more perspectives we can add when discussing the industry, which will benefit us all as a club.

Do I have to Attend Every Meeting?

No, there is no obligation to attend every meeting, but it is encouraged!

I have a class conflict during your GBMs. How can I still participate in your club?

If you can't attend our weekly general body meetings, not a problem! We are a very active club throughout the entire year, so there are always opportunities to participate in our club! When we host guest speakers, go on trips, do community outreach, or work on projects, those are usually at different times within the week. We share these times through our social media and emails, as well as at our general body meetings. To join our mailing, list please email us at drexeltped@gmail.com.

We purposely meet at a consistent time throughout the entire year so when it comes to creating class schedules, members can schedule around our meeting time to avoid class conflicts! We understand not all conflicts can be avoided, but if possible, we do recommend treating our club meeting like a class time when making your class schedule.

Does This Club Go On Trips?

YES! How could we be a club about themed entertainment if we didn't experience themed entertainment firsthand?! We have an annual spring trip where we go to an amusement park like Hersheypark. We go on a variety of excursions during the school year, such as behind-the-scenes tours, mini-golf, and Escape Rooms. Every year we send a few members to conferences like ASTM International and IAAPA Attractions Expo & Conference. We also send a few members to competitions like the Ryerson Invitational Thrill Design Competition held at Universal Orlando. We also partake in community outreach. Trips are not mandatory. Sometimes our trips are free, sometimes they cost money.

Check out our Trips Page to learn more!

What Does TPED Stand For?

TPED is the acronym for our club. It stands for Theme Park Engineering & Design.


We are the first theme park club in the history of theme park clubs to include both engineering and design in our name!

I saw the really cool Enterprise that you made! Do you create other cool stuff?

Yes we do! We have a subgroup within Drexel TPED called TPED Projects. TPED Projects is where we create cool stuff like our model Enterprise! The intent of this subgroup is to apply the theoretical to the practical in an interdisciplinary setting. It is completely voluntary - meaning if you are part of TPED, you don't have to be part of TPED Projects. Meetings occur at different times than regular meetings. Usually meetings are on the weekends in Hagerty Library, but it varies depending on the schedules of the people who are involved.


Interested in joining the TPED Projects team? Please email us at drexeltped@gmail.com or talk to us at the general body meetings!


Check out our Projects Page to learn more!

I have a question that wasn't answered here. What can I do?

Please email us at drexeltped@gmail.com or visit our Contact Page

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