TPED Scholarween Event

Scholarween is an initiative of the Lindy Scholars Program, in which middle school students are able to trick-or-treat at the Drexel dorms. In association with Lindy Scholars here in Philadelphia, we decided to turn a dorm room floor into a Haunted House! Here's a video of the Lindy Scholars experiencing TPED’s haunted house: 

Music: Hans Zimmer

We do not own the rights to the music.

The concept for this project is as follows: 

The dormitory wing has been shut down by Drexel officials due to reports of student experiments getting out of hand (such as biology students producing giant spiders and medical students attempting to reanimate the dead). The now-closed wing is entered by guests who encounter zombies, mad scientists, and even a ghost (created using a Pepper’s Ghost effect as seen in Disney’s Haunted Mansion and other attractions).

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