The Animatronic Dragon

With inspiration from both the creations of companies like Imagineering, as well as the Drexel University mascot, Mario the Dragon, we set forth to create an animatronic dragon! The intension behind this project was to have it serve as an educational tool for our members as they gained experience in hands-on engineering and construction, as well as for local students as it became a component of our community outreach and education programs. The design phase and the construction phase of the project both went smoothly. We did have an incident where one of the arduinos caught fire, however. And that sparked other problems. We soon came to the realization that our project, which was taking years at this point, was just too big of a scope, especially when we had original team members graduating. So we decided it was in the best interest of everyone to abandon the project. Currently, our animatronic dragon - which was our first ever TPED Project - is still left unfinished. We hope to finish the project one day, but in the mean time, it is on display in the basement of Curtis, near The Drexel Ride!

In total, six servo motors actuate the dragon. With two in the neck and tail, the wire design allows for two degrees of large motion to allow the head and tail to sway horizontally and vertically. Additionally, the servos in the wings allow the dragon to fully retract or extend its wings during flight!

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