Drexel TPED's VR Bike v2.0

The VR Bike v2.0 is a portable motion platform with custom inputs, motion control, motion cues, and haptic feedback that acts as a controller for virtual reality video games. Dubbed "Project VROOM", V.R.O.O.M standing for Virtual Reality On Our Machine, this specific iteration was created over the course of 6 months by 20 undergraduate students, spanning 8 different majors.

For this iteration, we enhanced the ride by integrating actuated pitch to the coupled roll and yaw, redesigning the mechanical frame to make it structurally more sound, updating the overall controlling systems by adding new buttons and a throttle, and adding a wind 4D effect via fans. The non-TPED members of this project took care of content creation and designed a new shell. We also switched from the Vicon pipeline to OptiTrack.

We debuted this project at SIGGRAPH 2019 in Los Angeles, California, where over 300 patrons experienced the attraction! Our booth was located in the Exhibition Hall and was completely run by the students who worked on the project, including our members. We set-up the booth, operated the ride, talked to patrons, troubleshooted on spot, and took-down the booth.

While us students focused on creating the attraction, the faculty focused on publishing a paper on this project that they then presented at SIGGRAPH 2019! That paper can be found here: 


What's in store for our third iteration? This year we built a theme park ride. Next year, we build a theme park!

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